The Sunless Citadel

Tales tell of a holy temple to the gods in the far North, one where something went horribly wrong and the temple was swallowed up by the ground, though the citadel was left mostly intact.

Vampires soon took residence there. Whether they were the result or the reason for the citadel’s sinking is uncertain, however, what is known is that a brave troop of adventurers set forth to put an end to their reign of terror.

It would seem they were successful, as the abductions and killings stopped soon after, though the adventurers never returned. Things have been quite peaceful for the last hundred years or so.

…Now people from nearby villages are vanishing again, and a new order of druids in the region seem to be growing in numbers and becoming more and more extreme in their behavior.

There’s also a strange new shrub that has made it’s way to the Nentir Vale, one that, once planted, seems to mark the nearby residence for death.

Twigblights? Don’t be silly, those are things of fantasy…

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The Sunless Citadel

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