The Nentir Vale

The Nentir Vale is a high valley roughly 130 miles wide, covering the space between the Stonemarch, a boulder-strewn mesa to the West, and the Dawnforge Mountains to the East. The Winterbole Forest begins in the ’Vale and continues up to the mountains in the North, while the Harken Forest begins at the Southern end of the ’Vale and continues to the sea.


Fallcrest actually lies roughly in the middle of the Nentir Vale and acts as a hub of civilization for the surrounding lands. The Nentir river flows South from Lake Nen, joined by the Winter River about 12 miles north of the falls at the center of the city.

Further South, the White River flows into the Nentir and continues through the marshy moors known as the Witchlight Fens, leading eventually to the City of Moonstair before it reaches the sea just North of Nera Bay, from which the spires of Old Nerath can be seen by day, and the light that is rumored to be the Flame Imperishable shines by night.

There are two well traveled and maintained roads in the ‘Vale. The King’s Road runs from Winterhaven, Southeast through Fallcrest and on to Harkenwold before cutting through Harken Forest and heading south on to Sarthel.

The other is the Trade Road, named due to the road being the primary trade route between the dwarven stronghold of Hammerfast and Fallcrest. The Trade Road joins the King’s Road just outside of Fallcrest, where merchant traffic can then continue on to the other towns in the region.

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The Nentir Vale

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