The City of Moonstair

Moonstair began as an outpost for the Barony of Therund on the West bank of the Nentir river, but many years ago as the house of Therund began to unravel, Moonstair found itself increasingly on it’s own.

The city is a crucial trade point for shipping traffic on the Nentir. The river carves a path out of an old basalt lava flow and, while deep and broad, there are many jutting cones that lie just beneath the surface of the water, making it difficult and dangerous, if not impossible, to navigate the river bend.

Common practice, then, is to dock at the South side of Moonstair and transfer to a different barge to continue North on the Nentir. The Reedfoot clan of halflings are one of the larger merchant companies that run between Moonstair and the Nentir Vale.


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The City of Moonstair

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