The Barony of Harkenwold

Harkenwold is a rolling prairie about 30 miles across located in the Southwest corner of the Nentir Vale. Harkenwold is currently ruled by Baron Stockmer, a kindly lord in his later years who has done much to rebuild the barony since the Bloodspear wars. Population density here is low, and much of the goods produced here are timber products, wool and foodstuffs. Humans are the most common race in Harkenwold, with Dwarves, Halflings and Half-elves making up the other major percentages in that order. A handful of Elves, Eladrin and even Tieflings make up the demographic, but in no substantial numbers. There are no Dragonborn currently living in the barony.


Easthill is an abandoned mining settlement at the edge of the Briar Hills, where prospectors once panned for gold at the confluence of the tributaries of the White River.

Dardun and Marl are both small farm communities, the farmers and herders building their houses close to one another for better protection from roving bandits and monstrous intruders. Each has a general store where basic supplies can be purchased at a reasonable cost, though selection is limited; most residents order their supplies here in shipments, so little else is left.

A little over 5 miles from each of these towns lies Albridge, which sits primarily on the North bank of the White River where the King’s Road crosses. The bridge is well maintained and most of the traffic entering and leaving Harkenwold passes through here. You can find a smith, an inn, and several religious shrines here.

To the West, just off the King’s Road, the village of Tor’s Hold, a Dwarven enclave which sits between the road and the White River. A ferry operates here, providing a crossing for the road between Marl and Tor’s Hold.

The center of Harkenwold is Harken, which is where Baron Stockmer’s castle lies.

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The Barony of Harkenwold

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