Vice Chancellor Sebek

Vice Chancellor Sebek has been granted the responsibility of keeping things running smooth in Lowtown. As a sort of deputy minister for activities on that side of town, Marklehay believes Sebek is doing a decent job of keeping things stable, while in reality he is barely keeping a lid on things. While the checkpoints keep most criminals out of Hightown, and issues that come up in Lowtown are dealt with before they reach Marklehay, the hush-hush mentality of dealing with Lowtown does not help with the widespread belief that there is “nothing wrong” in lowtown.

Sebek is clearly a very busy man, as he’s nearly impossible to get a hold of. This is partially true, and partially Sebek’s way of coping with the monstrous task of taming the hydra that is Lowtown. He spends much of his day locked in his office trying not to be noticed, and goes through high volumes of wine on his worst days.

Sebek’s office is located in the militia barracks in Lowtown.

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Vice Chancellor Sebek

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