Let’s face facts here…

There are two ways to live in Fallcrest. You can live on the upper-side of the falls, where the wealthy build their homes with a view over the Southern ’Vale.


You can live downstream.

‘Lowtown’ is the nickname given to the less-fortunate half of Fallcrest; the half at the bottom of the falls. The nickname that the rich pretend not to use and the rest accept as their lot in life. Work here is hard to come by and harder on your back. Crime is a way of life for many and if you don’t watch your step it’s all too easy to become someone’s mark or fall out of favor with the wrong people. It’s a dangerous city, but leaving is beyond most people’s ability – it’s even more dangerous on the outside with the things that lurk in the swamp to the South and the Ogrefist Hills to the West. There’s political trouble to the East and to the North, well, the weather only gets colder.

So you’re stuck here in Lowtown. Or are you? The gods gave you two hands and your wits, your words and your talents. Are you going to resign to life in the slums, or will you rise above? Will Lowtown run your life, or will you one day run Lowtown? And if you do, will you lord your power over the poor, or will you challenge those who look down on your people from their perch atop the cliffs?

You think so?
In a place like Lowtown you’d better be able to back your words up with actions…

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Life in Lowtown

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