Life in Lowtown

Breaking Free

After rescuing two of your three trapped friends and paying your respects to the fallen dwaf, Harbek, the party proceeded up to the top of the stairs in an attempt to find a way back into Alvin Grudbunder’s basement.

Upon reaching the door, however, it opened unexpectedly, and filling the frame of the door was a huge half-orc barbarian named Rood.

The gnome protested not to allow the captives out, but was shoved aside by Rood, and the party was freed from the dark chambers below the streets of Fallcrest. The freedom seemed momentary, though, as the door to the shop was heard locking, the gnome cursing all of you under his breath and promising that you would not see the light of the next day.

Where had he gone?

Just as it became clear that the gnome had become invisible, the wall of the shop shifted and transformed, pulling pieces of what appeared to be otherwise useless junk together to form a massive golem of sorts that whirred to life and attacked.

After a long battle, subduing the gnome in the process, the druid Redgar called upon plants to come to your aid. A creeping vine ripped through the floorboards and wrapped tightly around the golem, ripping off its arms. The golem made a hissing sound as some broken piece of it built up pressure, then exploded, ripping the wall of the shop open behind it.

As the thief among you quickly grabbed up the valuables in the shop, you decided that it would be best to make a run for it, as the blast was sure to summon guards. Just as you predicted, a troop of 10 came running down the street, just in time to see you dash off into the darkness.

You ran through Lowtown as fast as you were able to, sloshing across the Moonwash and off to a warehouse near Thia’s hovel. Here, you presumed, you would be able to hide from the guards until the dust settled from your narrow escape.



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