Life in Lowtown

And so, here you are...

So, you all watched as the Tiefling man came bursting out of the shop, badly burned and running for his life, the gnomish shopkeep shouting after, calling him a thief and worse. When confronted, he attacked like a caged animal, and so, you all ‘subdued’ him.

Once slain, the gnome asked that you bring the body inside, where a form lay under a sheet, unmoving. The gnome introduced the dead man in white as his former shop guard who perished trying to stop the thief that you brought back inside.

The long and short, he has asked that you look into a problem in his basement. Seems there are noises coming from a tunnel behind a large door in the cellar of his building and he would like very much if you could investigate. He’ll even pay you! Now, the old gnome doesn’t gnow…er…know much about strange creatures, but he suspects kobolds.

Down you went, a small supply of everburning torches at your disposal. What appeared to be a crude tunnel eventually lead to a reconstructed passageway, giving way to stonework and carvings that look to be of the old Arkoshan Empire – the Dragonborn kingdom that fell some thousand years ago.

A vast staircase lead down and down, small dragon-head fountains at each landing. You noted the footprints in the dust and the claw-prints in the empty fountain basins – kobolds, likely in search of water. A collapsed portion of the staircase forced some tricky maneuvers, and when the paladin lost her shield down into the gaping vastness, there were draconic cries of alarm from below. You lost the element of surprise.

Still, with the help of the mages in your party, you managed to subdue the small band of kobolds in the chamber at the bottom of the stairs. The Eladrin cast sleep on a concentrated group at the back while the fighters of the group took out the heavy hitters in front. Out of the five hit by the spell, four remain asleep and are bound at the claws and feet. The apparent chieftain was executed before the paladin could stop the rest of you.

So, what next?



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